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The web page of Rick Rudge

Welcome to my web page.  This page is put together to show off some of my comix.  I’ll be linking to some of the webcomic sites where my comic series are held, and I may try posting some comix here in the future too.  I must warn you that my comix are not “Office Safe” and will contain drug use, sex, violence, and political proclivities that might also be counter to some businesses.

I'm an old retired printer who has always enjoyed drawing (that and riding my little mid-life crisis, my Yamaha Zuma 125 YW125DL motor scooter).  My comix aren't the most realistic-looking cartooning, but I hope to improve with each posting.

I’ve got a DeviantArt site here:

I’ve also got a blog where I write about my different comix.  I also discuss and review my Koh-I-Noor Rapidosketch mechanical pens and various fountain pens that I’ve used.

I’m terribly sorry about AngelFire’s use of Adobe Flash.  I hope that you don’t get harassed too much by them using this. 

My comix should not to be confused with the comics of Richard Rudge, who is a cartoonist in the United Kingdom.


Google has sometimes sent people to Comic Fury and I'm no longer posting there.  I have posted most of my comix onto the Drunk Duck Webcomics website.

The Duck's policy is that you will need to sign-in to the Duck to be able to access their "Adult" versions of my comix.  The comix that I've created that are rated "Mature" can be accessed without having to be a member.  A good half of my comix are of the "Adult" variety, so I have noted what version each comic series is next to its name below along with a direct hyperlink.



Drako the Barbarian is a favorite character.  It's a hint of a Conan the Barbarian knock-off with its whole sword and sandal vibe with a little more of an asian slant.  "The Legend of Drako the Barbarian" comix is based on an early 1980s comic series that just sat in a box.  Then I brought it out and tried scanning it and adding other pages.

The Legend of Drako the Barbarian (June 11, 2016) (Mature)

Balls Out on the Silk Route (March 3, 2017) (Mature)

The Fire & Stones Cut (July 17, 2017) (Adults Only)

No Design, No Conception (November 24, 2017) (Adults Only)

The Red Leaves Cut (March 23, 2018) (Adults Only)

Knocking the Bottom Out (December 5, 2018) (Adults Only)

The Flowing Water Cut (September 26, 2019) (Mature)

The Abdomen Timing of Two Cut  (March 8, 2020) (Adults Only)

Strike Like a Spark From a Stone (July 19, 2020) (Mature)

Ken No Sen  (January 1, 2021)  (Adult)

In One Timing  (April 20, 2021)  (Mature)

To Renew  (August 13, 2021)  (Adults Only)

The Continuous Cut (January 1, 2022)  (Adults Only)

To Strive For Height  (January 27, 2022)  (Adults Only)

The Body Strike (November 12, 2022)  (Adult)

To Scold, Tut-TUT   (March 10, 2023)  (Adult)

To Apply Stickiness  (July 28, 2023) (Mature)

To Move the Shade  (January 1, 2024)  (Adults)

The Twofold Gaze  (May 3, 2024)  (Mature)




Sleazy Portland private eye, Tag Forester is another favorite character of mine.  These comix show off the very liberal slanted side of Portland and Oregon.  That includes the legal sales of cannabis.  Another favorite character is Tag’s girlfriend Yoss.  She’s an ex-gang-banger and suffers from anger issue.

Tag Forester Sleazy Dick (July 16, 2016) (Mature)

Tag Forester in When it Rains it Pours (January 2, 2017) (Mature)

Smelling Brimstone Through a Nail Hole (May 22, 2017) (Mature) 

Burglary in the Burbs (October 20, 2017) (Mature)

Tag Forester in Worm Payload (January 24 2018) (Adults Only)

Tag Forester in A Weak Sister (July 9, 2018) (Adults Only)

4 Fingers of Danger (July 27, 2019) (Adults Only)

Out of the Gravestone (January 1, 2020) (Mature)

Trouble Always Beats Me Home! (May 1, 2020) (Mature)

2 Center Mass (October 12, 2020) (Adult)

Rough Trade  (March 27, 2021)  (Mature)

The Badger Con  (June 11, 2021)  (Mature)

Always Up For a Touch  (November 20, 2021) (Adult)

The Bugaboos  (March 19, 2022)  (Mature)

Pepper Pot  (May 14, 2022)  (Adult)

Bunko Babe  (September 23 2022) (Mature)

Sunday Punch   (January 22, 2023)   (Mature)

Sneaky Links  (June 2, 2023)   (Adult)

Jimmy Jacked  (October 20, 2023) (Adults Only)

Finger Man  (February 18, 2024)  (Adult)




I’ve also brought back the TC character from my old print comix days.  This is an on-going series and my first experience working with color.  I’ve been slow to post these to The Duck, but it will be on theirs soon.



These are some earlier webcomics that I posted on the Tapas web site:

The earlier versions of the Drako the Barbarian series is here:

The Legend of Drako the Barbarian

Balls Out On the Silk Route


And my favorite private dick, Tag Forester:

Tag Forester (Sleazy Dick)

Tag Forester II (When It Rains, It Pours)

Smelling Brimstone Through a Nail Hole


My first try at webcomics was Kickstart! that has some great scenic drawings of Portland landmarks, as well as my love of riding my motor scooter.


© by Rick Rudge, May 3, 2024