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The web page of Rick Rudge

Welcome to my web page.  It’s been many, many HTML version numbers ago since I’ve done any hand coding, so I’m pretty rusty at all this.  I’ll be experimenting with this, so I hope that you’ll be patient with how this looks.  

This page is put together to show off some of my comix.  I’ll be linking to some of the webcomic sites where my comic series are held, and I may try posting some comix here in the future too.  I must warn you that my comix are not “office safe” and will contain drug use, nudity, violence, and political proclivities that might also be counter to some businesses.

My comix should not to be confused with the comics of Richard Rudge, who is a cartoonist in the United Kingdom.


These are some of my comix posted on the ComicFury web site.  I prefer the printed comic page size format and their more liberal viewing of this site:

Drako the Barbarian is a favorite character:

The Fire & Stones Cut

No Design, No Conception

The Red Leaves Cut

Knocking the Bottom Out


Sleazy Portland private eye, Tag Forester is another favorite

A Weak Sister

Burglary in the Burbs

Worm Payload


I’ve brought back the TC character from my old print comix days.  This is an on-going series and my first experiences working with color:

TC Comix


These are some earlier webcomics that I posted on the Tapas web site:

The earlier versions of the Drako the Barbarian series are here:

The Legend of Drako the Barbarian

Balls Out On the Silk Route


And my favorite private dick, Tag Forester:

Tag Forester (Sleazy Dick)

Tag Forester II (When It Rains, It Pours)

Smelling Brimstone Through a Nail Hole


My first try at webcomics was Kickstart! that has some great scenic drawings of Portland landmarks, as well as my love of riding my motor scooter.


© by Rick Rudge, March 8th, 2019